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734-528-4159 (Fax)

214 South Main Street, Suite 212, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104


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EllisonLegal practice area

Employment Law


Ann Arbor Employment Law Attorney | Washtenaw County Lawyer

Skilled employment law representation in Ann Arbor and Detroit. Contact EllisonLegal by calling 734-887-6534.

Lawyer(Law firm) EllisonLegal is located in Ann Arbor, state Michigan. Zip code 48104. We provide services not only in Ann Arbor. You can clarify details by phone 734-887-6534. Also you can visit our website https://www.ellisonlegal.net and check opening hours, payment methods, our licence, legal guides, legal answers. We specializes mainly in following Legal Issues: Employment Law, but you can ask any question. Be sure we do best to help you. If you have an personal experience with us please write a review otherwise please check our attorney rating and reviews.

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